Natural behavior

Paddock Paradise is a boarding system for equines that stimulates more natural behavior The horses live on a system of paths and open area's that allow them to move and forage freely throughout the day.

Depending on the texture of the track, the conditioning of the hoof will improve through natural wear and require little or no mantenance. A Paddock Paradise track system in general will improve the overall well-being of horses, encourage social behavior and allow horses to become emotionally and physically strong and balanced.

Mares and geldings no longer need to be separated and different breeds can be joined together in a Paddock Paradise. The well-being of the herd, and in particular the weakest link within a herd, are leading in how we design your track.


Important features

Design & Construction

When designing and constructing a Paddock Paradise, it is important to consider safety and usability, both for the horse and for the owner or organization. We take into account the number of horses, the available space and the daily activities that take place.

It is crucial to ensure the welfare and safety of the horses in any design by taking into account their needs and individual strengths.

A Paddock Paradise consists of a connected network of paths leading to different areas of activity. Depending on the size of the land and the number of horses kept there, the paths may vary in width. To prevent potentially dangerous situations, it is important to prevent creating dead ends.

When constructing a track system it is important to direct any excess water and preserve or enhance local, cultural landscape values. The track should always be accessible for the horses, even during a wet period. To ensure this, proper maintenance and care of the track system throughout the year is of great importance.

Important features

Natural Elements

For horses, the supply of high-quality hay is very important. This will contribute greatly to their conditioning throughout the year. The hay is spread out through the track system using special feeding stations. These feeding stations are preferably arranged in such a way that they stimulate the horses to be actively engaged as they forage for food.

A natural water source is an important element in a Paddock Paradise. It contributes to a natural drinking position, the expression of natural behavior and the accumulation of life on and around the track. It can also serve as a functional tool in managing the condition of a track and retaining water on the land.

Horses are highly aware prey animals that want to be able to overview their habitat. Implementing high points in a terrain will aid to their natural tendency to seek elevated area's to rest. It contributes to their peace of mind and encourages physical activity. Height differences also play an important role in managing excess water.

It is important to ensure the safety of the horses by offering adequate shelter from the weather and the use of safe fencing materials.

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Our other pillars

Our philosophy is based on the natural locomotive behaviors of wild horses and provides a biologically based foundational system that works. We advocate for a safe and stimulating environment in combination with a healthful diet. We take your equestrian ambitions into consideration and offer advise with regard to managing the hooves of your horses.

Do you wish for your horse to have a naturally sound life?

We personally supervise all our projects. We are committed and consistent in sharing our advise and tend to everything: from excavation work to fencing, from permits to design plans. And with immediate results. Attentive horses in motion. Healthy, happy, and in harmony with nature. 

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