Strong hooves, healthy teeth and lively ears... The love for your horse has no limits and you want nothing more than a horse that is sound and happy. A natural healthy, attentive and relaxed horse. Full of energy and confidant with the horses and people that surround her.

Like no other, we understand the unconditional love you feel for your horse. However, many horse owners are not aware of the origin, nature of the wild horse. That which is essentially really good for her. Paddock Paradise takes a holistic approach by returning to the basics, the essence of the horse. A working system of suitable and stimulating housing, a healthful diet, a concious equestrian relationship and natural hoof care.


Over 20 years of experience

Björn Rhebergen

As a pupil of Jaime Jackson, founder of the Paddock Paradise track system, Björn Rhebergen has over twenty years of experience in caring for horses naturally. With dedication and passion, Björn shares his knowledge worldwide and based in the Netherlands he was trusted to design and construct a multitude of track systems. With immediate results. Attentive horses in motion. Healthy, happy, and in harmony with nature.

Do you wish for your horse to have a natural, sound existence? Contact Björn directly or learn more through our Paddock Paradise Academy.

The four pillars

Method and services

Our philosophy is based on the natural locomotive behaviors of wild horses and provides a biologically based foundational system that works. We advocate for a safe and stimulating environment in combination with a healthful diet. We take your equestrian ambitions into consideration and offer advise with regard to managing the hooves of your horses.